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Professional Rapid Antigen Test
Professional Rapid Antigen Test for those who require a professional test. This may be required for those flying abroad. An EU digital certificate will be provided upon completing the test. Vist: for testing requirements
Price: €40.00 Duration: 5 minutes
Professional Review of Medication (PRoM)
A bespoke medication review looking into medication safety and medicines optimisation. Some of the potential outcomes of the services include: management of side effects, better management of health conditions and GP recommendations. This service is FREE of charge
Price: €0.00 Duration: 30 minutes
My Fertility Pharmacy
A pharmacist led consultation to provide assistance with ANY stage of the fertility journey. This also includes patients who may be undergoing fertility treatment (for example IVF) and require a more bespoke service. This service is FREE of charge.
Price: €0.00 Duration: 30 minutes
COVID 19 FIRST (1ST) BOOSTER Vaccination
This is for anyone who has received their first 2 doses of vaccines and would like to avail of the 1st booster dose. We will be booking according to the HSE cohorts. You will be assigned an appointment or contacted by our team for your vaccination.
Price: €0.00 Duration: 2 minutes
Vitamin B12 (Neo-cytamen) Administration Service
Vitamin B injection. Service can only be carried out with a valid prescription. Upon registering, please contact the pharmacy to arrange.
Price: €20.00 Duration: 10 minutes
Pneumococcal Vaccine (Pneumonia Vaccine)
Vaccine administration to protect against pneumococcal disease (pneumonia). This is recommended for anyone 18+ who is considered to be at-risk or anyone over the age of 65. The vaccine is required once every 5 years or once if you're over the age of 65
Price: €40.00 Duration: 15 minutes
Shingles Vaccine (ZostaVax)
Shingles Vaccine for anyone 50+. Given to reduce the risk of developing shingles and also post-herpatic neuralgia
Price: €199.00 Duration: 15 minutes