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Flu Vaccine for Children Aged 2 to 17 Years (HSE)
Free HSE Fluenz Nasal Spray Flu vaccine for Children aged 2 to 17 years
Price: €0.00 Duration: 10 minutes
Covid-19 Vaccine Primary Course & Booster Dose (Spring)
For those who are eligible for the Primacy Course,1st booster is 12 years & over, a booster dose if pregnant (if is 1st booster at any stage of pregnancy and if is 2nd ideally at 20-34weeks) and those who are due their Spring booster dose.
Price: €0.00 Duration: 15 minutes
Blood Pressure Check Service
A routine blood pressure test that checks if your blood pressure is healthy, or if it's high or low.
Price: €0.00 Duration: 15 minutes
Emergency Contraception Online
Emergency Contraception Service is available without a prescription, subject to meeting certain criteria.By completing the online consultation form in advance, your StayWell Pharmacist can have your completed form and medication ready for you followed by a brief consultation
Price: €0.00
Pneumonia Vaccine Service (Pneumovax®)
Pneumovax® single vaccine for adults 65 years and for persons aged 18 and over with increased risk (weak immune system)
Price: €0.00 Duration: 15 minutes
Shingles Single Dose Vaccination Service (Zostavax)
Zostavax is a live single dose vaccine for 50 years and over ONLY
Price: €0.00 Duration: 15 minutes
Shingles Two Dose Vaccination Service (Shingrix)
Shingrix is a two-dose vaccine and is available for anyone aged 18 to 49 years at increased risk (weak immune system*) or 50 years and over
Price: €0.00 Duration: 15 minutes