Why is Hashealth better than the telephone for a consultation?

Hashealth is a visual upgrade of a telephone consultation. 

Consultation by telephone is the oldest form of telemedicine and can work in many different cases. There are drawbacks however. Telephone consultations often result in less disclosure by patients, less questioning by doctors, and less discussion of problems. This can lead to a face-to-face or virtual follow up appointment, thus resulting in a longer time to consult.

With Hashealth you can see your patients, see their current physical state and also, importantly, they can see you. Your patient can get the same reassurance they would for a normal face-to-face consultation by seeing your normal visual cues.

Through Hashealth’s technology you can also:

  • Share your screen: for example, you might want to go through a report or test that the patient has undergone. 
  • Take a screen capture: This could be useful if you need to add something from your remote consultation to the patient record.
  • Take payments: You can take payment from a patient seamlessly whilst in consultation.
  • Mute your microphone: Easily turn off your mic should the need arise. 
  • Turn off your camera: Should you wish to revert to audio only you can with the click of a button.