How can I set up Stripe?

All payments are handled via Stripe and made directly to your own Stripe / Bank account.

Already have a stripe account? Just sign in and follow the instructions.

New to Stripe? Follow these instructions.

  • Click on Stripe on the left side menu
  • Click on the blue "Connect with Stripe" button and follow the instructions.

Important: During the registration, Stripe will ask you to select your industry. HasHealth is a Telemedicine and Telehealth platform, and for this reason, you must choose Telemedicine and Telehealth

You can view Stripe's fees here:

You can register and take payments the same day, and Stripe usually transfers the money to your account in one week once you are approved (which requires you to upload identity proof to their site).

Do not select Regulated and age-restricted products. Most likely, this will add friction to getting approved by Stripes regulatory team.