How can I assign appointments in batches?


  • You need to have set up the availability for your service, here is how you do that.
  • You need to select the service that you are operating [A]

Good to know:

  • Lead time: There is a 60 minute lead time when assigning appointments in batches. Availability after this lead time will be considered. For example: If you set up your calendar to be 9am-11am and you are about to offer a batch of appointments at 8:45am the earliest appointment that will be offered is 9:45am.
  • In the future this lead time will be configurable.

Steps to assign appointments in batch:

  1. Select the service you want to assign appointments to, see [A] below.
  2. Select 1 or more waiting list registrations
  3. Click "Assign appointments" 

While Hashealth is busy assigning these appointments, sending out messages to patients etc, the system will update the status to "Processing" for each waiting list registration.


[1] The system will inform you how many appointments are available in the next 30 days.

[2] The system will inform you once you select more appointments than your availability allows.

When [2] happens you can deselect some patients or add more availability.

Select your service - [A]

The system will notify you if you select appointments that will bring you outside your availability.

If you wish to "bump" a patient up on the list you can do that by clicking the arrow for that patient. This will change the priority to P1 and move their registration to the top of the list. Note: If other P1 registrations exist, bumping the patient will add them to that list.