How do I set the availability of a clinician?

If you are taking bookings online you will want to manage the availability of your team for the online booking system.

You can manage clinician availability as follows:

  • Sign in to your Hashealth account
  • Click on "Clinicians" on the left side menu
  • Click on the "availability" button of the clinician whose availability you wish to manage

By default all clinician calendars are set to 08:00-16:00.

To change the regular hours of a clinician you can:

  • Enter the regular hours for each day of the week
  • Click "Save hours"
  • You will see that the availability for all future days in the calendar will be updated to reflect this.

To update a single day on the calendar you can:

  • Click on the day you wish to edit
  • Enter in the periods of availability you wish to make the clinician available
  • Click "Set hours"

In this example Jane's hours for Thursday 11th of February are being updated with 2 periods. 9am to 9am and 1pm to 2pm.

Note: Clinician availability is not affected when booking from inside the HasHealth platform. Clinician availability represents when a clinician is available in the booking widget only.