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Prolia Administration Service
Prolia injection for Osteoporosis. Service can only be carried out with a valid prescription. Upon registering, please contact the pharmacy to arrange.
Price: €20.00 Duration: 5 minutes
Professional Rapid STREP A test
Professional Rapid Strep A test to diagnose Group A Streptococcus (GAS) Infections. Strep A can be particularly harmful especially in children. Upon negative result, as certificate will be provided.
Price: €40.00 Duration: 30 minutes
My Fertility Pharmacy
A pharmacist led consultation to provide assistance with ANY stage of the fertility journey. This also includes patients who may be undergoing fertility treatment (for example IVF) and require a more bespoke service. This service is FREE of charge.
Price: €0.00 Duration: 30 minutes
Professional Review of Medication (PRoM)
A bespoke medication review looking into medication safety and medicines optimisation. Some of the potential outcomes of the services include: management of side effects, better management of health conditions and GP recommendations. This service is FREE of charge
Price: €0.00 Duration: 30 minutes
Professional Rapid Antigen Test
book an appointment for a professional rapid antigen test. This may be required for those flying abroad. An EU digital certificate will be provided upon completing the test. Vist: for testing requirements
Price: €40.00 Duration: 15 minutes
Emergency Hormonal Contraceptive (Morning After Pill)
Morning After Pill for female patients ages 17+. Please note: that the patient will be required to collect their medication. This service is valid for up to 5 days (120 hours) after having sexual intercourse. The pharmacist reserves the right to not make a supply if clinically inappropriate.
Price: €0.00 Duration: 5 minutes