What is the patient portal?

The HasHealth Patient Portal is a place for healthcare professionals to communicate with their patients, safely and securely.

With the Patient Portal you can:

  • Invite patients to join your clinic
  • Send secure messages
  • Lock messages, i.e. stop patients from replying to your messages
  • Send documents securely
  • Send SMSs to all your patients (coming soon), e.g announce in-clinic events.
  • Send messages to all your patients (coming soon) e.g. announce in-clinic events.
  • Arrange appointments (coming soon)
  • Send automatic reminders (coming soon)

Messages sent to the patient are read safely and securely from within their patient account. Only notifications that they have received a message are sent by email, never the message's contents.

What kind of messages can I send to a patient?

The Patient Portal is perfect for communicating with patients in relation to the care you provide to them. You can send messages about appointments, results or even vaccinations and you can at any time accompany your messages with any related documents by simply attaching them.

Communicate easily with all your patients

You can easily communicate with all of your patients via messaging and SMS. For example, you may want to update patients about clinic opening times.