Managing an Order

View an order

  1. From the left side menu, click on Orders.
  2. Click on the view icon of the Order you wish to view.

Assess an Order

When an order is received, it has the status of "Waiting for assessment". You have three options when it comes to assessing an Order:

  1. Approve
  2. Decline
  3. Ready for Collection

Approving an order

  • Click on the Approve button.  
  • A dialog that will give you three options:
    1. Order is now Ready for Collection
      1. A "Ready for Collection" email is sent to the patient informing them their Order is ready to be collected at your store.
    2. Schedule Ready for Collection Notification
      1. You can choose when to send the "Ready for Collection" email.
    3. Manually send Ready for Collection notification later.
      1. No email notification will send to the patient. To notify the patient by email, you will need to return to the Order and Click "Ready for Collection".

Declining an Order

  1. Click on the Decline button
  2. A dialog will open asking you to confirm that you wish to change the order status.

The patient will receive an Order declined notification by SMS.