How to invite patients to your clinic

Whether you run a clinic, pharmacy, or any healthcare service, you will always need to communicate with your patients. 

You now have one place where you can manage this communication.

  1. Click the Patients menu item on the left.
  2. Click on the Add Patient button
  3. The "Add Patient" panel will slide out from the right. 
  4. Click "Create New Patient" 
  5. Add the patient's details, the message you wish to send and, then send your invitation.

When you click "Send invitation" the patient will receive an invitation to their email. When the invitation is accepted patient will then see your message from within their secure patient portal. If the patient rejects your invitation, the message will not send.

Note: You can send an attachment with any message you write. 

Top tip: To avoid adding duplicate patients to your clinic, you can search for them first.