How do I add a new service?

From COVID-19 vaccination's to head massages - you can add as many services as you wish. 

A patient can book two main types of services: virtual and in-clinic.

To add a service:

  • Sign in to your Hashealth account
  • Navigate to the Services menu item on the left
  • Click "Add Service", or if you want to add your service to more than one clinic, click "Add Company Service."

When you are adding a service you can create an in-clinic or virtual service.

  • Select the "Service Type" - it can be virtual or in-clinic.
  • Set the service a name - choose one that makes sense to your patients.
  • Give the service a short description - you could use this section to inform the patient about the service.
  • Set the duration of the service
  • Set the price of the service
  • Set the currency
  • Set whether you wish to take payment during the booking process or not.

An example of a video consultation service (virtual) and a COVID-19 Vaccination service (in-clinic) that are being offered.